Puraco wall protection

The PuraProtect prefabricated wall protections are skirting boards and kerbs manufactured in polyester composite CleanRock. They protect your walls from collision, from light carts to heavy pallets.

The prefabricated kerbs are made on the basis of CleanRock with a “PuraCoat” gel coat surface. These kerbs are the perfect protection for your walls in cleanrooms (GMP grade B, C, C), production areas, service corridors, despatch areas, packing areas, storage areas, etc.

These basic kerbs can be finished with an inox RVS304L / RVS316L stainless steel coverage or a natural finishing, without Puracoat gelcoat created for the logistic areas.

Why choose for Puraco wall protection?

Our wall protection products minimize damage and maintenance while enhancing the hygienic safety of your facilities. By incorporating PuraProtect skirtings & kerbs into your buildings, you prevent water and dirt infiltration.

PuraProtect kerbs are designed so that there are no cavities behind the kerbs and thus ensures a hygienic rounded transition between the floor and the wall where no bacteria can develop. The horizontal and vertical joints are finished with a PU-free sealing HygiSeal. The PuraProject range also offers prefabricated end pieces, internal and external corners, enabling quick and easy installation. All elements are fully recoverable and have different surface finishes (PuraCoat, Pura-Inox, Pura Natural). Optionally, the kerbs can be chemically anchored in the floor by steel anchors.


Wall protection kerb
1000 x 30 x 200 mm

PURAPROTECT 30F & 30RB & 30RB Clean room

Wall protection kerb
1500 x 60 x 300 mm


Wall protection kerb
1500 x 100 x 400 mm