In order to create a neat and hygienic wall finish for light trafficked areas (200kg) Puraco has developped Puraprotect 20F and 20RB (rebate). This light impact resistant kerbs provides you a perfectly mechanical and hygienic protection to all types of walls and columns. It protects your walls from impacts of for exemple service trolleys, hospital beds, wheelchairs.

Finished with the Puracoat, an antibacterial impact resistant, smooth gelcoat able to resist continous water loads. With integrated floor rounding or with a rebate for resin floorings systems. Both available in RVS 304L or RVS 316L Stainless steel or natural finishing, without Puracoat gelcoating. Its easy clean attribute makes it the ideal product for any hygienic environment. Easy to be cleaned and maintain.

  • made of a very strong polymere composit
  • the full core kerbs
  • it’s smooth polyester gelcoating
  • it’s antibacterial polyester surface
  • the creating of two barriers against used water (disinfectants, industrial cleaning agents, … )
  • the complete finishing accessories like prefabricated internal, external corners and end pieces

The low maintenance hygienic solution to the wall base finishing can be applicated for light trafficked areas (200kg) in pharmaceutical production area’s, cleanrooms, corridors, industrial & hospital kitchens, … .

Looking for a solid hygienic solution for junctions where the floor meets the wall? Contact us for samples or a price quotation. PURAPROTECT 20F & 20RB skirting boards are manufactured for you on an order – by – order basis.

Standard dimensions: 1000 x 30 x 200 mm
Weight / pc: 11 kg
Standard finishing: Sanicoat – Natural White – Stainless Steel
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